Good news from GORGONEA PRIMA's camp. Last Saturday we promised some news for you and now it is time to spread the word officially. Our industrial black metal duo will embark on a tour to support the latest effort „Brownfields“!

In April, the first leg of the tour will take guys from the coal pits of Kladno to a coal superpower – France. Together with PAVILLON ROUGE they will visit the cities of Annecy, Lyon, Toulouse and Nice. The second leg in June 2018 will introduce our French friends to the Czech audience. Dark evenings full of metal and industrial will be held in Prague, Brno and České Budějovice. Moreover PAVILLON ROUGE will also perform a special gig at MetalGate Czech Death Fest vol. 10.


Tour schedule:

4. 4. 2018 – Annecy, Le-Brise-Glace (+ Blacklodge) (Facebook)
5. 4. 2018 – Lyon, Le Blogg (+ Blacklodge, Gratuit) (Facebook)
6. 4. 2018 – Toulouse, L'Usine À Musique (+ Blacklodge) (Facebook)
7. 4. 2018 – Nice, Altherax Music (+ Blacklodge) (Facebook)

14. 6. 2018 – Prague, Modrá vopice (+ Mean Messiah) (Facebook)
15. 6. 2018 – Červený Kostelec, MetalGate Czech Death Fest (PAVILLON ROUGE only) (Facebook)
16. 6. 2018 – Brno, Melodka (+ Plague Called Humanity) (Facebook)
17. 6. 2018 – České Budějovice, Velbloud (+ TBA) (Facebook)

GORGONEA PRIMA will support its current effort „Brownfields“. It was released seven years after the highly successful debut album „Black Coal Depression“. In a sense the new effort reflects the entire band evolution thus far, as some of its parts were composed even before the debut album. „Brownfields“ however goes deeper and offers more space for both electro and metal parts as well as for some balladic momemts while keeping the rough and dark atmosphere. The live shows of the band are well known for their electrifying vibe, which is emphasized by the stage performance of the band. Get ready for fifty shades of coal!



With PAVILLON ROUGE you should expect a real war on the dancefloor, for this French horde, established in 2009, likes to combine extreme metal with electronic beats and the 80s New Wave vibe. PAVILLON ROUGE rose to attention in 2011 with their debut “Solmeth Pervitine”, which combined the tools of industrial black metal with ethereal synths and euphoric melodies. Its successor “Legio Axis Ka”, released in 2015, went even further, synthesizing epic black metal with hardcore techno. The latest effort is the third full-length “Dynasteïa Klub”, an electronic metal opera that builds on motifs of Ancient Greek philosophy, and since it was released this year, it is a no-brainer as to what will feature most prominently in the setlist of their performance on MGCDF 2018. Onward to the moshpit then – the black discotheque awaits!



These two bands will be joined by special guests on these gigs. So get ready, it's gonna be a blast!