Dear friends, it is time to announce another upcoming tour by MetalGate. This time DESIRE FOR SORROW (melodic black metal), SECRET OF DARKNESS (blackened death metal) and MALLEPHYR (black-death metal) are joining forces to perform in six cities of the Czech Republic during three November weekends.

This blackened (and unholy) trinity is going to play the following venues:

2nd November – České Budějovice, Velbloud (Facebook
3rd November – Brno, Melodka (Facebook

9th November – Plzeň, Divadlo Pod Lampou (Facebook)
10th November – Most, Vegáč (Facebook

16th November – Praha, Fatal (Facebook)
17th November – Pardubice, Ponorka (Facebook)

Feel free to check out the tour event here or any of the single events. Enjoy the summer and come back soon for more information!